Day 1

October 24

Meet the Editors / Special Issue (PDW)Agenda

Supportive journal


Deliverable: Topic

1 Journal of African Business ConfirmedSpecial Issue (CFP done):Decrypting the CSR Promises, Challenges and Practices in the SMEs, Start-ups, and Intrapreneurial Initiatives
2 Business & Society Review ConfirmedSpecial Issue (CFP in progress):Sustainability
3 International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies ConfirmedEntrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystem
4 Research et Application Marketing ConfirmedMarketing & Africa
5 Cleaner Waste Systems Journal  ConfirmedSpecial Issue (CFP in progress):Circular Economy
6 Gestion 2000 (FR) ConfirmedIn progress
7 Décision Marketing ConfirmedIn progress
8 Management & Sciences Sociales (FR) ConfirmedIn progress
9 Journal of Cleaner Production To be confirmedEco-Innovation
10 Palgrave Macmillan (Book) ConfirmedIn progress